My Bluesy Sunrise

I was looking for that trigger, that motion,

that inspiration, that somehow would let me again,

I wanted to again and again,

I wanted to play my keyboard,

like the ivories that evade me,

my fingertips in a rather svelte state of mind,

wanting to tap the notions, let me unwind,

allow my senses to become an expressive

journey to the eyes of the souls around,

those washing their hands of tension,

in the morning sunshine, basking in an energy

sends them reeling with discovery …


I wanted to feel that again,

in a matter of moments I might leave myself,

to let the words come alive,

my tappings,

not just the physicality,

but somewhere, some distant mechanism,

some issue of lost control, with a patterned delivery.

I want to speak to that discovery,

a way to help me find the music

in my mind and express it with benefit.

I only wish I could feel the way I do,

when I can see you standing by my side.


So now we have that figured out, I mean,

the real sense of why I have chosen to talk

about this personal discovery. Perhaps we

might then journey together hand in hand,

let the tension of disbelief and fear, strengthen

rather than deprecate our chances to survive.

That energy that exists when I crawl away

from my sedentary selfish ways, that sense

of belonging inside a world with dreams and ideals

That’s the place I want to be today and every day,

instead of wondering just why I hadn’t known.


Perhaps then tonight, when we reflect upon our day,

can we feel a little solace in again, finding the way.

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