God’s Trappings

Take a stroll through my catholicism,

while my indoctrination of current thinking

results from the influences around me,

you, that person the other day, touched my soul,

without ever acknowledging you knew me.

I was there alone, in my everyday form:

citizenry, politely aloof, misdirected guidance,

wondering just how the day might evolve.

Along the way there are always many of you,

faces in the distant gathering of wavering souls,

all seeking, all rejoicing, all crying,

depends upon the day, the mood, the strike of the hour,

when we all might wonder this way,

are we ever going to truly understand why,

or is that it,

there it is again, that reality, that storm of

a reckoning response to years of confusion.

Are we all meant to simply stop asking?

Is that the faith thing she mentioned to me,

when in a failing moment, her last breath

soothed my fears, allowed me to feel again.

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