Suicide and Circumstance

I wonder sometimes,

what little difference remains,

when the human spirit

begins their slow decline.

Are we that easily fallible

we would sacrifice everyone,

is it just that selfish misery,

that creates desire to be gone.

Lost passion, lost desire,

a careful scrutiny blends

our knowledge of a fire

ignites what we aspire.

Yet circumstance unusual

calls upon our strength,

we overcome that burden

strikes us down in fear.

There’s cowardice to pain,

I’m unable to allow any other

recognized sort of value,

to withstand a lost hope.

We all know them well,

their lives when breathing

were an anomaly to death,

until their choice were made.

In mountains we find nature,

in street lights a pattern

shadows of natural light

beaming across our eyes.

If when we decide to live,

to recognize there is a chance

might empower our delight

to grow, to blossom, to alight.


When time allows we need to breathe,

that act of life is our only circumstance.

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