We Live Here Together

I wonder sometimes

if when really living together

without barriers,

we are

yet reaching out, close,

surely enough to touch

each other’s


I wonder if we know

our soul might be more together

than we are ourselves.

We share

pain, passion, purpose, perpetual apathy.

When we withdraw,

your world seems similar

without you in my mind.

What crossroads can you share with me,

that have aligned

have allowed,

have given me the same access?

I am fearful only of my own

insecurities, yet so often I will quickly,

allow those demons to scratch your panes.

My pains, our immediate angst,

is drawn from the same,

a river of lost souls traveling in a time,

decided by certainty

we haven’t any control of.

Anymore, I will not try anymore

to define you, as imagery appears to me.

Instead may I acclimate by definition

in my mind.


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