In A Child’s Eyes


You are my hero,

whom guides me, softens the blow,

when my reality is slow,

in order to allow me,

later on after time,

to truly know.

Then why I ask,

my mentor,

would you defeat my sense

of beauty

of elegance

that natural world of delight

with your caustic self aggrandizing

perpetual lunacy.


This morning I was young at heart,

filled with the delight of a world

that fascinates,

drawn by the passion of knowledge

your desire my share in my world,

yet now,

without any concern for anyone

beyond yourself,

you tackle me,

and defeat me,

my lessons of life learned

due to your own insanity.


I am a child to you teacher

allow me, teach me,

just, please,

do not continue to abuse me.


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