If I Lived by the Ocean



I imagine if I might realize the spacious wonder,

that lays before me every morning when I awake,

If instead I could simply step out and wander,

Could I feel the beauty that exists with each wake.

I seem to feel sometimes that I am not connected,

this body of water so remarkably proud and majestic

takes ownership over me. I am simply selected

as one mind, one soul, an individual non-specific.

yet she is wild always in her ferocious waves,

and calming seas during the lovely serenade,

just after the midnight bells, the water behaves

in a manner to allow our eyes to follow the light,

the beacon made in the moon’s presence. There

beneath the sea of mystery, lies a path unknown

that many man has set a row-boat toward with care,

hoping to find on the other side what she had shown,

when first he sat along the shoreline and dreamed.

He only wanted to see how different life would be,

if in a flash of time there could be loved it seemed,

a special world of idyllic lives in her thoughtful sea


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