Deep Inside a Fathom Awaits

How often to choose, to travel inside,

When do the yearnings suggest we comply

There always awaits that worry to slide

Where in moment this world becomes why.


Last night, the winds that toss us aside

So present whistled across the night sky,

A pause of freedom in season with pride

Created sweet reflection in sole eye


Bursts of memory took a solemn ride

While clouds of despair presented the nigh

We cast our shadows without wishful tide

Might sweep love’s desire aside like a lie


Please, provide an island’s quiet release

That hidden fear’s torment evolve my peace.

4 thoughts on “Deep Inside a Fathom Awaits

  1. Your poetry amazes me. I relate the wind to a beloved woman I worked with & she past December 22, 2013. The wind just roared through here. One of these days I will write a poem. You can “proof” it for me. 🙂

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