Imagine Elsewhere

While the sun rises in the East

her thoughts are not upon you

even though we believe at times,

our lives connect out of the blue.


We always must allow our world

capable of knowing only a local

reality that otherwise so often twirled

in circumstance, becomes our focal


point of reference. There is that knowledge

of human interaction we all rely upon,

that piece that keeps us well off the ledge

of cashing in our hopes and moving on.


Imagine elsewhere there might be a point

in the morning, afternoon, setting sun,

a life that now we will certainly anoint

their soul in the eyes of God. We’ve begun


to live our life as the sole proprietor

of our allegiance to our security

while across the land another commoner

might wish the same from us in sanity.


We live together, and often dream the same

romantic bliss, horrific tragedy, anomaly

of that world we often miss, we cannot name

just share the moment today with homily.


In the eyes of the heavens I do seek quiet release

much like my brethren we are all in search of peace.


Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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