The Blues as I Am

I want to know

one thing

I want to know what it means

to feel alright

see I can’t really determine

what merits

being less uptight.

Seems I live in a world

that is slipping past me,

every time I get a step ahead,

the world seems already there.

I’d like to be able to suggest

this feeling I get

just afterward

might be the way it always is

rather than trying to figure out

why it is, how it is, what we need,

and how they determine

it is what it is.

So tonight I’m listening to the blues,

I am the blues, I am living the blues,

and the blues are surely what I am

as my fingertips play these keyboards,

I can feel a rhythm

there’s something drives me home,

makes my words sort of take off

and offer new meaning,

like they are searching as well,

and together we might hope to find,

hope to ascertain

hope to recognize

there is a way to feel so

to truly know,

this is the way it is,

we are the way we are

and the blues is as I am.


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