All About the Tears

Someone told me the other day

seems an easy line to say,

they really did though,

spoke those words

what the suggestion means

one doesn’t know

can only imagine

perhaps use a visual trigger

when everything we do

creates a shockwave effect

that rings a bell countries away,

that wouldn’t actually make a noise

if not for the time he said

a couple of words

and she said

I’ve had enough of you,

and then we both looked at each other

and thought to ourselves,

all those weeks of worry and concern

all the sleepless nights,

the foggy stirring of our coffee

absent to the rest of the world,

just focusing on the grains rising to the top,

in every moment

every part of our day,

we decide,

we know well enough,

the answer long before

we imagine there is a solution,

yet, we present certain obstacles,

those moments of indecision ,

that in our hearts we know,

will ease the reservoir,

allow the waters to flow,

freedom, the urge to release

every obstacle we create.

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