When Moments Cry

Heart felt emotions

strong, lumbering, deafening.

Body frozen,

time on a pendulum

swings away with little accord

or any matter of poise. That comes

in the morning when

the measuring stick

awakens the soul to a new reality.

Even if one can cry

to release the tension of hurt,

to unsheathe the weaponry,

turmoil in the moment. Even still

is the icy region of shattered dreams.


I wonder sometimes whether it is a

state of mind. I think perhaps

it is my own, nothing more.

Yet so powerful is the energy

drawing me away, telling me that it is

ok. That somehow, lies a reason,

some new adventure moves me beyond

today’s cry.

Tomorrow’s cry will be stronger

I can fight with it all

anytime I am asked,


What is it you say?

There is a thoughtful notion

captures my heart in a

free-wheeling mesmerizing

fog of indecision,

lost on the rocks,

waiting for the waves,

to come slap me around,

never hurts enough,

to step back onto the grass.


I might have to forget

about anything that really

mattered in my life, if

if only,

if when and only,

if there ever might be a time,

when my life becomes little

more than playing the piano

on my keyboard.

That’s easy enough, if we could just stay here,

let the world continue,

let time be its own measure,

I politely ask the seconds

to ignore my needs,

I don’t want to be

measured today,

by my lack of tears.

2 responses to “When Moments Cry

  1. I relate to this every morning when I decide how to wake up. I have almost 7 month old twins, 5 year old amazing daughter, & have been married to my soul mate for almost 8 years. Is it an alarm? Is it a baby’s laughter or cry, or the sound of my 5 year old sliding down her metal bunk bed with a slide. Sometimes the fear of the unknown is what gets me the most.

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