Listening to the 60’s

The music will remain

I can always go back,

play around with time,

I can take a melody

and let it bring me home,

sitting in my bedroom,

the day before.

That’s where I would like to go,

just a minute before,

before the phone rang,

it would be so easy,

once again,

to be there,




hoping the way a child hopes,

without tears and confusion.


The sun was out,

the energy was contagious,


watching my teammates shine.

Yet every quiet moment,

you know

those times,

those when you are alone and nobody knows


I kept wondering,

I know I heard the phone ring

last night.

That’s when life began to change,

a different look, feel, response to

what is real,

that’s when the music,

listening to the 60’s,

became my new friend.


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