Wanting Love On Purpose

I want to know why

let me play the way

I was meant to display

my wares, my skills,

my what a long time that is,

between knowing and wondering.

Do we all do this,

I mean just wander

inside of our dreams,

occasionally stepping out

to acknowledge the real things

that seem to bother,

seem to impede,

seem always bent upon bending

the nearly wondrous motion of love.

That is it right?

Someone the other day,

struggled to smile,

they couldn’t imagine

such abandoned fervor,

their partner had forgotten,

misplaced love.

I wonder if there is an answer,

when in the morning our day begins,

we walk past each other silent,

not knowing or suggesting

we know anything about


Yet then when she turns toward you,

with eyes that speak of need,

remember she probably contains

the same virtue as

the next; the line is thorough,

because we all need love.


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