Wants and Screams

They go together

in a stream of angst and approval,

lost inside clouds of judgment,

we are always alone

inside a crowd,

you know the faces

crimson with desire,

cold yet barren when asked

how is the day, how are you today,

how’s it going,

and suddenly the storm begins,

the inside swells to a certain discomfort

allows nothing else inside,

everything in your power,

to let out a scream, to panic, to freeze,

to ask for permission to feel alone,

to understand this really does happen,

yes, in the quietest of moments,

when we least expect to no longer have the passion,

the ability to negotiate,

there are no options,

when our wants are tested,

when our screams are arrested,

tested, arrested, not the right term,

don’t misconstrue the real,


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