Self Suggestive Observations

We did remember a time when people stood for what they believed.

There was strength in numbers as we together rallied our cry.

Standing on street corners, waving banners, asking for a voice

to hear the anxiety driven pleas of the masses wanting them home.

Eventually, our desire, plan, our goals seem to have been met,

the boys of the war, and now the women were said to be returning.

That was a victory,

a time of rallied belief,

an energy driving souls

to band together, to believe

yet today we become lost

hopeful yet anxious,

unsure of ourselves,

wishing to step

away from any


What about the war at home that continues to try our sheer integrity,

why do we continue to allow ourselves to belittle one another

rather than love each other, and believe in our elegance,

we continue to strive to tear one another down every day,

we laugh at the mockery of thinking we are above disdain,

we continue to drive home the notion that we can do this alone.

I’m saddened tonight,

because again it occurred,

children are taunted,

and the world reacts,

but tomorrow the sun will

rise again on a new day,

and scrutiny will drift

away like a spring rain,

some cleansing but left,

is the turned up soil,

the angst and hate and evil departure from character remains,

we are human beings flawed within our sacred temple.

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