What Storms Follow


Rains melt the landscape

while I wonder,

I am curious to know

what is it that lies outside of my reach,

just beyond the grasp of my

human condition,

that piece that comes as love

when a torrential storm of reality,

that gift of reckoning,

moment by moment when we do

suddenly realize

our time has reached that pinnacle,

when a choice be made,

when we altogether but alone,

must take another journey,

one of a humiliating theme,

that one,

we look inside our mirror tonight,

and haven’t a choice,

the change must begin,

much like after the storm,

the raging winds do eventually,


leaving ourselves

to pick up the fragments of our lives,

and continue the sojourn,

that is,

defining our soul

my soul,

yes to the gentle breeze.

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