Last Night’s Travels

'finding neverland' © jessicalaruemccann
‘finding neverland’ © jessicalaruemccann


I went there last night,

back in the wood,

deep where no one if they could,

might realize the mood I was in,

so lost inside the dense wood,

of my mind.

Always is that place I begin

to understand just why

my heart, just how far my heart

has gone in its search for you.

The rocks always shift around,

 I remember last year,

the path seemed clear,

I could see you off in the distance,

masked veils serene with eyes

like sweet velvet in the night sky,

bringing me there,

bringing me into your arms,

bringing me closer to home.


I went there last night,

hoping I might see you,

wishing you might be there,

in your surreal form

of distant memory,

comforting my hurting soul,

just a glance upon a visage,

I recognize your elegance,

when on the streets of reality,

so many distant souls pass my eyes,

reminding me there is value

in sweet memory along the trail.

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