A National Opportunity











Shhh …

Can you hear it?

Opportunity …

Yet, yes the wonder.

How did we get here;

Where might we possibly go!


Did you know

some school yards

will suppress a gathering

of three or more.

So in other words,

leaving individuals on their own

satisfies ‘the man’

rather than allow inspiration

to flow between the lives

of passionate Man.


I want to cry when I hear the news,

hide when I imagine the blues

this nation of miscued society

rests their laurels upon.

Is it real to imagine

there Lies a solution?

Pleasant play on words

without hurting any one

civil liberty.


If an opposing group

arrives to disrupt

the already chaos driven


how can we find

a common ground,

take a chance

and rather than tell each to


to go, 

to go find a way to move …



I wish I knew,


the fear in my heart – 

shhh … love!

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