Haven’t Cried Since Lennon Died


**Robin Williams  1951 – 2014**

I really don’t recall being that effected

by the loss of someone i didn’t know at all.

I knew I wanted to meet him,

someday have an opportunity

to shake his hand

feel his remarkable presence

as he stood before

one human being 

and one amazing rock star. 

When that time was taken away

I didn’t want to live another day.

About three days after listening 

every Beatles song ever written,

‘Happy Christmas’ stopped my car

at the local Shopko and I cried right there.


Last night when the news came in

I watched in disbelief as all of your accolades

were displayed on every network,

every laugh they could find in a few short hours

to celebrate the life of a man that made everyone


I realized a few minutes ago, when I’d read

one more testimony on what a great guy you are,

I realized as the tears came into my eyes,

I hadn’t cried since Lennon died 

over someone with your stature,

untouchable but beautiful.

“Oh Captain, My Captain”

What have you done!

2 thoughts on “Haven’t Cried Since Lennon Died

  1. Had the good fortune to attend a Robin Williams performance. My gut had to take a break because I was exhausted from laughter. Definitely one of the best comedians and actors ever. I too was saddened about John Lennon. Peace.


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