Enduring Purpose

( – for Belinda )


We have our heart and soul

Tested at every walk of life

For some we might bestow

Always a sense of vocal strife


Though that seems the easy road

There are many who choose to endure

We are magnificent to behold

When our humanity can be clear


I look upon you in your eyes

I see some pain so welled inside

Yet buried is that hurt; so wise

To give yourself to others wide


I only sense genuine delight

When by certain quiet chance

Your ills might be less a fight

While inner peace is your elegance


Strive on and continue, while we our duty

Your eternal strength, we see only beauty.

11 responses to “Enduring Purpose”

  1. You know my thoughts via email about this piece. I am humbled. Thank you for permission to re-blog. It is very meaningful to me.


    1. I’m glad it brings you happiness … that is my hope.


      1. Mission accomplished, hope fulfilled. I am very thankful you opted to write this piece. Still, I’ll never be able to adequately explain it. I grow a little more anxious for my tests, but if I re-read posts, it reiterates that I am indeed not alone. Thank you for being a part of that.


  2. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    An unexpected and very beautiful dedication. I am humbled and honored.


  3. Beautiful words for you, Belinda. Just lovely:)<3


  4. I love this! I love B and I love that you wrote this inspired by her! Her love is wide reaching!


    1. thank you … 🙂


  5. Beautiful poem and tribute. I’m glad I found my way here. Brad


    1. Thank you Brad – I appreciate the kind words. It is easy to write clearly about matters you believe.


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