Shadows of My Heart – for a good friend

I want you to know

how real I am, can be, want you to

know why, how come, when, because.

As every question crosses your mind

think of me, her, maybe him, each one of us

might just answer the same.

We like happy,

good energy,

positive words,

delightful expressions

they make me feel really good.

I want to feel good,

know the world around me

is good,

believe the people I interact with

are good,

understand that each one of us

is inherently good.

Don’t forget that,

on those days when you feel despondent,

and want to cry, let the tears happen,

and cleanse your soul of the fear,

that foreboding piece of human nature,

the human condition,

the reason to ask why it is

I can never quite understand my shadow.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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