1:38 AM

If someone knew him

they might understand

perhaps they might not

they could take a stand

to suggest to him

the hour of nigh …

That’s a leap

when someone else

asks him to change

what he created himself.

Time of night

lost in thought

thinking about this

reality, and wondering

is this the insomnia

that people harp about

or is this that choice

a moment of reckoning

when we allow ourselves

to stay at it

but only can we then think

to stay at it

if we are being productive

in their eyes.

But the truth of the matter

there’s no eyes around

at 1:38 in town

to measure that static.

So we’re not sure if actively

staying alive in the moment

can be called insomnia.

Perhaps the true name

would be quite simply

stay out of my game.

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