I Was Walking

Alone in the city

an arctic mass of wind and ice

each step a crunch 

while eyes scanned the surroundings

I felt the wet perspiration

on my forehead, lips, cheeks

begin to freeze while I moved.

I glanced through open windows

to see lives at dinner time

each one comforting the other

with songs of reality,

melodies that transpired their lives

to become closer, more celebratory

than their same lives earlier that day.

I felt rather calm on this walk

alone in my thoughts,

some journey that meant I was coming

I was becoming

I could be less becoming

if I stood and stared.

Instead, my stroll became tranquil

a relaxing jaunt through my neighborhood

that place we seemed to belong

only because we chose to live

amongst all the realities 

that become together

a unified race to the end.

It is a gradual slide

with many highlights

to accentuate

the quiet stroll 

of the human condition.

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