The Shooter

I’m the guy that made the news

I shot your baby girl

I took out your track star

I killed your favorite teacher

I did slay the demons that are me

and I am so damn cool, can’t you see?

I’m all over the news

I made CBS, NBC & ABC all at the same time.

Oh, that’s right, I wrote a journal about it too.

I knew you’d want to read about how normal my


is beyond the insanity of my passion for glory.

my ability to change your world

my penchant to announce this pain

my reality that suddenly taunts your world with


the kind that changes your mentality

the kind that remains inside your head from now

until you die yourself.

Isn’t that cool?

How powerful our world allows us to be

because everyone is afraid of taking away our rights.

Something about an amendment that seems

well, ridiculous and delightful at the same time.

Damn, gotta love Ebay and Amazon and Google

changed my world in the push of a button

trigger happy realities are so accessible.

Sleep well ok, I’m coming to a neighborhood near you.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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