Energy Drive

In my home town

there is a street named

Energy Drive

I often think of that avenue

wondering if I stood on a curb

I might soak in that guidance

be drawn by the concept of its strength.

I understand the name

is drawn from industry

symbolic of discovery

Yet, I need to capture

that essence.

Ever notice the happy sense

of good energy

Always see the value

good thoughts can bring to our lives.

Yes the moments exist

that tear our hearts apart,

the tears remain when sensing fear,

the world seems less friendly …

Only when we allow ourselves to remain

alone enough to sap our energy.

Imagine pleasant thoughts

a desire to provide happiness

a genuine smile

shocking as it may seem

there are many of us that decide

upon our day

by the energy we engage.

We are energy driven,

polar opposites that attract.

When a negative wave reacts

call it a vortex

we seek shelter

we back pedal

we often haven’t a clue

how we ever got there.

Upon a distant star

traveling through the night

an optimistic response

allows our lives to become

that fragment,

that piece of life,

a strong purveyor of the resource of

Energy Drive.

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