Those times before

the moment occurs

when the passion is strong

the desire we abhor

a notion that spurs

our memory to try and belong

to the instance

when reflection

caused a stirring memory

a simple chance

a new solution

that inner voice the kind we often bury

See the surreal light

makes our lives real

caught in a masked web of deceit

when we do in spite

wander into a deal

often our hearts reel in defeat

blows off our own

sense of responding

to a variety of recognized attitude

one had I known

I may not be diving

deep into the things said are so rude

So now I seek sleep

to rest my weary body

I’ve toiled the day again just confused

knowing our lives are deep

in the balance of remedy

wishing our lives could only be defused


of sorry moments in regret and despair

those ideals that sometimes love ignites

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