Music, Please! (Random Notes)


I remember

There were days like these

Soft mornings, just waking

Eyes adjusting

The steady fog of reality

Waiting in the silence

Laying in bed only to begin wondering again

What shall I do

Who might I become

How could I even begin

The eyes have certainly stepped in


…and then the music began

crooning my mood well into the pierce of radiance

… sunrise …

she was now standing before me

with her seductive veils

and graceful dreams

reminding me that not so long ago

her spirit was in my heart locked in forever

while the cliffs and regions of fear nearby

seemed only after-thoughts

knowing our lives were caught up

the elegance of living out our own fantasies

the dawn of deliverance


‘Oh baby, do you remember

Laying in that green grass’

Grateful to VanMorrison for bringing me back

To the only one I love

She drives my soul to wake in the still air

Allow a tune to assist her return

Special moments drifting our energy together

Wherever you might be can you listen a moment

We’ll be together forever then

Dancing well into the autumn nights

Slipping through the silent fog of our reality

Loving you, loving me


‘Baby, you’re the only one who could ever help me’

As McCartney might always state it so clearly

With a rift of desire splendid in such telling degree

To answer all the confusion that first waking brings

After a night of checking out to rest our souls

We listen to music to air our desires

Set a tone

Bring a melody home

And bathe our stains with a cleansing freedom

That allows our heart to regain spiritual reckoning

I used to let the record player

Repeat itself for hours

Was not as much the lyrics

As the cadence of driving notes

Allowed me to sigh with clever poise

Something that gives the coldest heart a feverish

Release of emotional fury.


Imagine all the people …

4 responses to “Music, Please! (Random Notes)

  1. Good music and great idea … reaching for my ear buds now and playlist now. The only decision before me is how do I want to set my mood?


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