Only the Soft Melody

Funny how a day can be shaped

by keystrokes and a romantic tune.

Reminds me gently

of soft rains and mellow eyes,

sharing time like forever.

Hoping to always continue journeys

I do relish the nostalgia

of our walks,

holding hands,

caressing your forehead – reaching fingertips …

Tracing your elegant persona,

Manners while you smiled in the autumn sunlight.

I can be right by your side imagining

sunrises with your shoulders a resting place

for my open windows.

More traces and shadowed walks

arousing a spiritual drive

that nowhere is ever defined until …

When it is no longer with my soul

sadness then prevails;

While aging entertains

our lives with revenue of little value,

we are a simple lot with caveat regard

for our Grace, guidance.

Do you remember?


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