We Are Teachers


We spend our days

Walking hallways

Saying hello

Being mellow,

In the eyes of our young minds,

In the hopes they might unwind

The tension that drives their soul

The gathering storm of the coming lull.


Yet they are not aware

While challenges that dare

Welcome their human nature

That demands they be mature

In their daily affairs as gathered steam

Becomes the smoking gun they esteem

Might help identify a quest of arrival

Fulfills a need allows them safe travel.


We spend an assigned hour

Classrooms that may devour

The very spirit of our youth

If we call them out as uncouth

In the eyes of their peers on a spring morning

-Not knowing home life bring some mourning-

In our zest to understand

We choose a safe reprimand.


Ask another individual if you will

That your attitude today is shrill.

Without knowing, without even a thought

We ignore the battle that has been fought

Hope evolves only upon a notion

That suggests some real emotion

We sometimes need to surely recognize

Our determined ignorance cannot be wise.


We spend our lives in circles quiet

Just out of earshot of truth albeit

Those serious moments we shudder

To imagine confronting one another

On the ills of our self directed

Desire now to have resurrected

A distant soft memory when we were wrong

Remember summer day’s brought love along


A child’s cry soon might then be heard

When fear would only bring a word

Harsh in juvenile shouts ugly and cold

Question my drills, he reacts, my so bold

I will gather with friends who know the pain

The real challenge of dealing with the inane

Nature of the lost child who knows desires

Learn,breathe, grasp hold of what life inspires.


For yes today we are teachers who sit amongst strangers

Wondering out loud with little regard toward selfish dangers!

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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