An Actor Suggests

Lake Placid Film Forum

Walk on stage

Speak a couple of lines

Audience is alerted

Walk off stage


Audience waits

Music begins

Heads turn to empty regions of the

Bare stage

Audience listens


A prop

Walk on stage with a wooden stool

Audience focus

Left hand grips a rung

Places it down left center

A prop


Actor begins a monologue

Music fades while audience

Pays attention

To what they paid for earlier

A pause, and the actor waves

A character begins to move

The audience a new direction

Actor begins a monologue


Music begins

Lights rise

People listen

Chatter ensues

A blank stage

Lights fade again

Music begins


Walk on stage

We know that person now

They return the same way

Similar gait, posture, voice

A monologue, a prop, an audience

Walk on stage

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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