I am compelled

To follow trends

That in today’s well,

Life of pretend

Reality quite often we record

With a smartphone snap

A thousand masks

Each one driving home

A current identity

That speaks to our need

Our quest

Our validation


Remember polaroids

We had to wait with anticipation

To see our reality

If we weren’t satisfied

We went through a cellophane packet

Of fifteen until the right face


The current mask of satisfaction

That one expression

That told a story we were ready

To share, record, secure

A face for posterity


Today’s moments

Are brought to you by impulse

By quick shots

Recording our instincts

In seconds flat

We delete and try again

We share and hope to bend

The arc of our sanity

Towards a positive energy

A surreal tendency

To throw all our ducks

In a shallow pond

Hoping their webbed feet can

Maintain the fast currents

Of our social media river of deceit!

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