Funny how it used to be

When the pain became unbearable

The victim would crawl into bed

Bury their soul inside the silken garment

Surrounding naked skin

Enveloping all of their tears in the quiet womb

Of fabric and soft landings


We will often create our own grasping arms

Of sheltering warmth

Those that wrap around our hearts and hold our worries

Until we can see again later on while the fog

Slowly leaves the horizon

We can see again in the clear of day

Sunlight allows our soul to come alive

Sweet the energy that a day earlier seemed distant

Yet now will allow our lives to drink Nature’s elegance


For that is what we are seeking

Even when our façade cannot be pierced

By simple reality and truth

We are always seeking some redemption

From the perilous fear of being found

To have vulnerable shadows

Cling to our walking soul

Our waking persona

Built upon moments of luxury

We hope everyone that touches our lives

Might remember readily remain in their minds

Beyond those tragic encounters of human error


Where is it then when the day begins to fade?

Then may we rely upon as constant the …

To allow our tension to subside

So our daily grind might become

Simply the loving touch that drives our ambitions

Rather than the mystique of humanity in harness

Constant the rule of world’s outside demands.


Lies in the truths of our own settled Elegance.


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