Listening Songs


Have you ever wondered about the power of song?

I listen to feel alive

Certain voices, certain lives

I know sometimes they help me feel I belong


Words emanate through a spiritual gift of melody

Breathe a wonderful sound

So our hearts become wound

Soothing our lives in solace – love in quiet tragedy


The broken spell of love that rocked your world today

Every fiber of your body open

All notion of struggle forgotten

Years later the beauty of time’s reminder on a given day


Baez, Collins, Dylan, Lennon and a little VanMorrison

Pink Floyd, ELO, we do like to rock

Moody Blues, Chopin & Bach

Willie Nelson croons and Windy rhymes the Association


You can decide upon your own what spell is broken

When a favorite moment plays

Dream a little Billy Holiday

Carry the moment and allow time to be unforgotten


Spend hours hoping hymns of Simon & Garfunkel’s chance,

“Time it was, and what a time it was, a time of innocence”

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