The Walk was more Telling

We used to do this all the time

I’d knock on your door

Hear the creak in the steps just before

Your hand played the handle’s rhyme


This sunny afternoon in our august

Our lives were together

Yet the cavernous weather

Had begun to take notice of our lust


We always played the horizon

I watched you today walk ahead

Our cove in the midst of summer’s dead

Leaves, dying grass fields now reason


I reached our special spot and you were gone

I whispered with a smile and knew

Our lives were now not nearly new

I looked and noticed you walking further alone


For today my heart began to pump my chest

As seeing your distance indicated

The walk was more telling, dated

I was looking at our lives at a certain crest


Walking the incline to find you in the park

Finally seeing you walking the steps

Of the grandstands still alone I wept

Knowing we were now hearing the evening lark


Our august of loss had arrived with little fanfare

I looked in your eyes and knew I was no longer fair

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