Practice Reflection

Need inspiration

Some method to find words

To describe one’s love

I want to travel along a time line


To experience the seasons


The august of turning leaves

Bitter cold arctic mornings

Fresh blossoms erupting in damp soils

Lovers experienced, play in hot humid skies


To understanding the spirit of life


I was a child when I knew love

Meant only smiles and guarded songs

Watching adults play their roles

While we began to slowly understand


To realizations and calming skies


One day while speaking with a dear relative

Recognizing the human exists in everyone

No matter the strife, the surreal mindset

Speaks to a weeping being’s realization


To reflections in windswept snowstorm


I remember that early afternoon the snow

Clinging to treetops while we said goodbye

And everyone together wanted to cry alone

Yet we held one another’s hands in reflection


To human nature and unconditional love


For that is our goal in life is to really know love

Not simply a sensuality that leaves unbridled haste

Yet, to understand how our humanity thrives

Upon His love, the grace of simple human nature


For while we shallow spend our lives answering our demons

The angels very well cling soft to our shadows holding peace


Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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