Social Stigma Screams

Remember waiting for the phone

Calling or dialing

Even the cylinder seemed a chore

When your words were carefully


Thoughts that ran through your mind

Might be jotted down on


Paper in our day became a recorded

History of benevolent memory

Lots of love was passed

From one letter to another

Remember waiting for the mail

So that your lover’s words would reach into your heart

And when it did not arrive how long

Time waited

To resolve the anxiety, questions, notions

Wheels rolling in your mind

Like the telephone

When will it ring?


What the fuck happened

To moments that

Left me rolling on the floor with laughter

I don’t recall

Rolling on the floor

Unless perhaps in the arms of a lover

I did dance like no one was watching

Yet that was before cameras

Before the notion of becoming viral

Ever crossed my mind

Really did not ever want to be recalled

In a few taps on a keyboard

Would rather be forgotten

Then openly destroyed and recorded

In the eyes of the ignorant masses

We are that sad lot

That doesn’t really comprehend the mortality

Of our spewed, shattered, sinful words


Only for a moment might our minds feel justified

Years later recorded history will be trivial key-strokes

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