Hummingbirds Help

Seek a quiet moment …


Between the avalanche of emotion

That buries the crisis of reality


A figure appears

Hidden within the numbers

Dialogues that drift into the open air

Of dreary daylight

Everyone listens

Synchronized conversation

In hopes that our own world

Might be less restrained


Believe in your moment …


Upon the circle of life

We are all travelers


When a pain stirs in one’s heart

The feeling might bring memory

Of a different time

That opportunity when realized

Suggests a freer mind

Relates a rite of passage

Or, response to suggestions

All driven by spiritual passions


Will you feel better when the darkness …


Have I ever told you, in all honesty

My world is smaller than yours?


Self – righteous quandaries

Value driven requests

Plead your case

Drive your base intentions

Away from a common day

All too late

Longing to hide our lives

Within the human race


While a glance among the vibrant morning clouds,

Remind us of simple Grace; His quiet elegance.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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