Be Pretty Please?

We expect only that you reflect our dreams
Our anticipation is your responsibility
Remember that when you question us
The mirror you see becomes slate gray
All of your efforts are left on the vanity
As deep inside the soul we often
Forget to respond to our reality

Visualize, and be pretty please
And recognize respect reacts
In simple ways to the world around us
We can only know so much about ourselves
Without wishing winsome welcomes will
Allow our lives a quiet day of normalcy
Washing away anxiety and scrutiny

For while the world continues around us
In the morning another sun will rise
When as evening travels so the moon …
Again I wonder if she or he might realize
That every day their lives are on display
Rarely the general public asks your response
Genuinely simple, I wish to be pretty please

While receptive to a society and left alone
What wonder holds then our natural tone?

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