Writing My Memoirs

I thought about it


One day


And then fifty years went by

I realized the stars hadn’t aligned

Maybe if I took the time


To reflect upon where my life has led

Gathering capsules where I’ve normally fled


Highlight the moments

That fatal winter

When everything changed and I began

To clearly know loneliness –

I had already dabbled



One day


Now each time I glance

I might see you just for a minute

A manner

A posture

A smile

A comment and then suddenly I am alone


One day


Life has become a constant challenge

Help me figure out

What it is that makes me stay away.

What about that critical mass?

What regards a new sunset?

How does the cycle remain static?

Why do I fear asking … why?


One day


I will realize that playing with words

Writes a song that speaks aloud

The beauty of a frost driven morning

The lovely eyes that capture a soul

Elegance and passion are one


One day becomes another

We see the trees again

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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