I decided

A moment ago

I was a child

Playing in dirt outside

Until a scrape

A pebble created a blister

And now my knee hurts.

With the little red mark

The fragment of stone

Dug into my skin briefly

Enough to help me

Let me recognize

There is a feeling of pain

That exists when we move


Uncharted waters

Bring certain adventure

A storied once recognized

Journey respects change.

And today I traveled

Among peer and adult

With a new agenda

We would hope respect

Relies responsibility.

What question might infer

That you think me alright

About such sudden alteration?


The world knows me

As something defined today

No speculation

Simply circumstantial

Evidence to indicate

My psyche just entered

New waters

Mixed emotions

Frail reactions

Angry notions

Quiet disparity

That would allow


My neighbor

Locker peer

Health class hitchhiker

To destroy our weak bond


Being needy I would advise

Your life be simply more wise.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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