I Get Jealous Sometimes

So kind,

so generous,

so compassionate,

words I feel evade me,

when in the lower moments

I forget about my


We all possess this ability

to turn down

our opportunity

to live our lives

free of scrutiny.

Oh we do have paths,

we must learn to live by,

and yet when we become

self – aware,

it’s then our fears

do take over,

do take control,

do minimize who we might be,

until one day,

we trust our own humanity.

On Measure

I wrote some thing one time,

and it seemed to all click

so I sent it along

and people expressed

an appreciation

and yet at the end of the day

still something

was missing

something that I’m certain on

days feels easily attainable

with the right frame of mind.

I wrote some thing one day

and forgot

to act on it days later.

A Chilly Morning

The snow has fallen

the air is cool

signs of winter

begin to share its flavor

of mother nature.

I’m sitting, feeling the chill

wondering what’s important,

wondering how our lives

become what we are today.

The snow has fallen

and there is a calm

the temperature is causing me

to search for wraps and warmth.

My state of mind

is the same as a

hot summer day.

The snow has fallen,

and there is a chill in the air.

Once When a Young Boy

Once, when I was younger,

there was this path,

I used to take it a lot,

let me to the top of a hill,

looked over the community around me,

my twelve year old self,

wanted to know,

just why I had been left behind.

I remember picking up small

picks of gravel,

tossing them in front of me,

not ever knowing

what difference it might make

to throw a rock off the top of a tiny hill.

I knew a woman one time

I knew a woman one time,

long before marriage swept me away,

I could dance

alone in my room in my own way.

She was my truth,

she listened and then might smile,

I could tell her anything,

in our long walks,

finding trails along the river.

I knew a woman one time,

she called me eccentric

and I let her get away …


I sat at my window

watching the snow this morning.

It reminded me of

days of my childhood.

I could see the snow falling everywhere

covering trees, benches,

and walkways.

I was reminded of

my childhood

sitting at our picture window,

watching cars slipping up and down

that little hill nearby.

The window is where my dad

would paint a Christmas blessing

in the coming weeks.

That would make it harder

to look out the window.

Maybe it was his way

of having us focus

on what’s inside our home

rather than always searching.

I watched the snowfall today

excited about the winter ahead,

change of seasons,

the definition of

spirit, survival, and the goodness

of a snow in November.