Finding Self

I read a book the other day,

pointed in a direction

seemed attainable


We all have those wonders

carry us through the day,

a decision in an hour

affects the rest of our lives,

well maybe it does,

at least in that moment.

What about another way,

a journey toward a risk,

what about asking for nothing,

instead finding out just what it is

holding us back

making us right

or at least thinking we are.

I read a book the other day,

plan is to do this,

read another day.

A Private Life

If I tell you what I feel,

it’s a normal reveal.

If I want to be exposed

I’ll tell you all my throes.

Seems simple on my mind,

memory, rather not rewind

Miles of the long journey,

hours of lost scrutiny.

Seems I’d rather stay alone

then live inside my own.

This pain I feel is real,

easily thought surreal.

The truth is, I will always stay

this life of mine feels OK

I’ll tell you when I know

I’ll live before I go.

Growing Old

I have my sanity

Furnace is working

Comfortable robe

Cup of coffee

I know the days ahead

Filled with reflection

I’m not 22

Nor am I 38

Significant days

All run in between

I’m growing old

Trying to find space

A place to remember

In only my head.

My body feels old

Yet I can still smile

I can laugh at the cold

Appreciate the sun

Means I need to love

To go on

To remember

To appreciate growing old.

I Stood On A Stage

It had been awhile

me, feeling the lights on me

the heat,

the passion,

the beauty of illusory in my grasp.

I watched the motions

come to life,

to imagine where we all are,

standing, in the moment.

Delivering our truths,

as if we were there,

the artist

telling us about a small town,

an easy life,

a simple life,

the nature of wanting to understand,

without really trying,

just being

for the moment

on a stage.

The Snowfall

Watch the seasons turn upon us quiet

soft shadows, sensual sweet departures.

We now move conscious toward new adventures

cast upon snowy depths in life silent.


Will we reflect upon nature’s future

while slow we unveil our new horizons?

Will painful reminder offer options

a sighing heart and balance would assure?


Reminders of last manifestations

echo in our soul while we try enhance

everything we believe might fall to chance

in this wintry landscape are found reasons.


A change of season might ask we relent

we toss the past and embrace this advent.

Taking A Walk

A sense of composure

Came over me

A breezy afternoon

Trees had begun their bloom

Red-winged blackbird

Nearby, keeping safe

Mallards in the pond


Noticed the bus stop

Kids pouring out

Home for the day

My watch at home

Though knew the time of day

An afternoon walk

An isolate journey

A quiet day

Beauty in nature

Autumn Winds

Sunlight shadows peek within autumn sky

A sign of change without a question why

Today less likely life will go awry

One moment in the clouds certainly cry

While lost inside the blues we want to try

Oh feel the cooling season breathe sweet sigh

Leaves are cast about then pausing as wise

The beauty of a day inside our eyes

We listen to the winds whistle mild cries

We listen to the wind it peaks and dies

Winter just ahead sounds a silent guise

Would that we shelter our lives in disguise

She called them changing winds in retrospect

Quiet in soft wraps we love and respect.