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Elegance in Shadows

Loneliness in the City - Yvoni
Paintings by Yvoni

When in a distant harmony

could imagine a spiritual agony

While the world exists around me

I think of you to know you’re free


No longer is a romantic tangle

draw upon your heart’s sweet mingle.

For I am only a memory, one that

could certainly bring slow reckoning.


She walks an eloquent step in grace

without the night her sweet embrace

can draw my eyes to a prettily wed

wardrobe includes signature red


Will always protect her from the rains

that city wise routine with refrains.

We would share love together than

allow our lives be separated often.


I am reminded of the shaded mystery

her mystique would carry so worthy

I only want to see her walk again

tonight in the foggy rain of memory


If only short a dream in Parisian eyes

would I set her free to show my wise