How Much is Life a Setup

I went home last night,

everything around me was real,

the fantasy had spoken of a reality

now today,

we were all together again,

yet, the years had created lines,

the sort we watched in our elders,

when as children we would laugh,

out loud on occasion,

despite the wells of afterthought,

we noticed in their painted grins.


I went home last night,

drove past my memories,

recalled how often I was perceived

by my own insecurity.

I discovered as I looked around the room,

at the smiles, they would quickly glance,

look for refuge,

find their own,

whereby their laughter became accepted.


I went home last night,

wanted to cry,

yet, not the sort that brought attention to me,

more the kind of gentle reminder

our lives in the balance,

only need to me,


you and me.