I Still Cannot Dance

Throughout my life I’ve tried a rhythm

yet followed I am by a worry of them

that soulful populace happy to dance

while for me if I do, its taking chance.


So often is the energy round in motion

while clever facades pretend emotion

speak to me sated with journeyed love

give my desire a sign from above.


Tonight, tomorrow, every single day

I rise to an occasional tedious way,

yet too often are my smiles new haunts

nobody knows, no-one certainly wants


A day in the life of a worn out soul

fragmented floating parts of a whole

Why We Worry

Right then after you called

My world became altered

Knowing our lives in a word

Always then might be recalled


Until a certain sky

Our paths as we knew

Might never again renew

Such hope as we’d deny


Realizing everyone’s own ambition

In a circle we would play for hours

Would play out certain marble towers

Life becomes its own quiet rendition


When I shed tears, lost time

Capture a wisdom driven

Clarity within our given

Experience bespeaks sublime


Again the evening tower rang

Signals occurring in detail

Why we worry with no avail

Solid outlooks that only sang


Above drawn skies with memory’s clouds

A fog has shadowed our lives veiled shrouds


When inside the moment

All these things don’t matter


A pale moon in august

Droplets clinging

A red barn

City murals that speak

Single lane bridges that create pause

The kind where a set of headlights …

… and yet, natural earth

Remains the same

Vibrant in fragrance



Purpose seems in the moment

To reflect beauty

Simple ceremony

Without notion

Only visual impact

Seems miles of intertwined


Recalls that seed of discovery

Asking for approval



Or possibly some type of escape

Seems we all have these human tendencies

To wallow in our own shame

To respond to that which tears




Becomes a twisted universe

Of sad commentary

Or does it really turn out that way

At least this time it seems possible.


Stand slow sway

While a wind , well

It seems whistles past …

The mind is shut down


Winding through solemn realities

Rerouting these notions

Thoughts, racing ideas

I feel the heavy sallow

Of eyes weary yet awake

Staring off towards a mental wall

My body relents

Deny thee rest

Journey on

Plod on

Struggle upon defeat

There is a place I remember

Where sunshine melts my fears

Last worry



Recall the un-forgiven

Pattern or relent

Eyes awake

Staring ahead wondering

How did the hours fly by



Breathe a shallow



Eyes wide

Stoned by the brutal reality

Limbs numbed and alert

I wonder where the moon begins

To recognize our world exists

My virtue is, knowing my soul

Relishing the Spirit’s passion.