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When I Cannot Move

When I Cannot Move


I might have plans

A desire arises


Time goes by

Within the gallows


Nature’s purpose

What belies our passion

Creates a driven wish


Consumed by memory

We recognize fear

It relies on our senses


Activity we depend

Upon completing always

Waits for our hand


Will haunt our minds

As we crawl slowly

Towards a new world


Heart feels heavy

Knowing time travels as


Continue moving forward

Without fanfare


Negotiate another waking day

Drive Me Home

In a matter of words

I am driven

To correct


Delineate to a degree

Your words

My goal


Might be to suggest

Your words are correct

Wrongly stated

Misplaced and drawn out

Over-zealous is over-used.

An English morning

Spent searching semantics

To correct your speech


The prescriptive sentence

An etiquette we teach

That allows you to venture forth

As society might permit

Just words


From the heart

Is my only request

You do that

You say it in such a manner

Then you will know

As your head speaks

So does that English rhythm

Look for it

And drive me home

With your attitude

New found balance

Ability to communicate




To every word you emanate

And then the world seems complete

And that sentence nuance speaks again.


A deepening pain

Echoes inside my mind

In recognition

In realization

In reckoning.

That powerful syntax that moves

Beyond a notion

And completes its journey

Wild abandon

That interpretation that in my mind

Left itself reckless

Knowing it could resonate

And yet the paper cannot withstand

The mighty force of words


The human spirit

In all of its beauty

Soaring above clouds

Of discontent

Finds reason to balance

Nature’s course of mortality

We are frail souls

That when we hurt

We bleed

Our emotions we feel

Seeking a pendulum

To overcome

The error of our ways


And words again

Become my mentor

As I seek guidance

That forest

Of reasoning

Intertwining my path

With fallen branches, ruts,


Continue to assist my way

I stumble as often

As I may stammer in conversation


Yet in the end I am always resilient in hope

To recognize there are truths that allow me to grow.