When Wonder Whines

I sometimes look at the world we live in,

and I wonder, is it mine to simply understand

or is what there is to believe

as complicated as it might seem.


The people I interact with have similar hopes,

we all feel certain the goodness in our hearts

yet how often have we let another walk by

whom later on we wondered their whereabouts.


We all wish to be a part of the solution,

tip a feather in my hat, I knew not to wander

yet, later on, sitting in my own quiet comfort

I still begin to wonder, is this really what I mean.


I’d like to think the world holds a positive energy,

impossible to measure without that negative strain.


Wonder About Wander

I wonder,

a wander,

I wander about in wonder,

the formula of finding purpose,

while walking into forever.


I wander,

a wonder,

I wonder about in wander,

the essence of a philosophy,

while settling inside a routine.


I wonder about why,

what is it,

causes me to wander,

rather than letting my soul cry,

it is the future of a sweet wonder.


I wonder why we wonder,

while the rotation continues nearby.

Haiku Pattern

brief quick respond sweet

while inside our hearts do meet

tick we solemn greet


want happy ending

searching for a new something

always in yearning


simple truths began

an early childhood plan

never fear the man


summer in sunset

a beautiful days only regret

what is chaos let


once in a happy smile

a positive energy awhile

outside peace beguile

White Caps Weave

Lake Superior 4/1/2015

Lake Superior 4/1/2015


The trance of your cadence is marvelous

steady, always climbing silent new walls

yet we might hear your cry to recall us

a treat to our eyes, with each white cap falls


upon rock, mixing soil, leave sign of rife

battle internal released in shallow.

Long ago mothers recall quiet life

with now a soul you garnered in gallows,


scream wind a spiritual compass within

leaves our naked eyes curious while we seek

new lives, next days, in sound waves to begin

stronger response in Her grasp of the meek.


Share this wonder rampant in earthly rhyme

Our heartbeat will you gracious measure time

Wanting Love On Purpose

I want to know why

let me play the way

I was meant to display

my wares, my skills,

my what a long time that is,

between knowing and wondering.

Do we all do this,

I mean just wander

inside of our dreams,

occasionally stepping out

to acknowledge the real things

that seem to bother,

seem to impede,

seem always bent upon bending

the nearly wondrous motion of love.

That is it right?

Someone the other day,

struggled to smile,

they couldn’t imagine

such abandoned fervor,

their partner had forgotten,

misplaced love.

I wonder if there is an answer,

when in the morning our day begins,

we walk past each other silent,

not knowing or suggesting

we know anything about


Yet then when she turns toward you,

with eyes that speak of need,

remember she probably contains

the same virtue as

the next; the line is thorough,

because we all need love.

Seems Moon Moments

Seems the moon is full tonight

moments of clarity

indecisions, fears, apprehensions

all one

driven by a cycle of attraction.

Seems anxiety wants a traveler

to join the journey

access concern

identify worries that stir the mind.

The soul

is looking,

asking for a moment

to help decide upon a travail

a trail

with well, some, simple selected


Seems truly that the moon is full tonight

I wonder if it might be

where you are as evening prevails

near you, your, you’re wandering …

How close or far?

Seems the moon is driving me

to wonder where

your life recalls a moon,

in similar manner, mood, move

away from an odd reality …

and settle in together,