Morning Glory

11 Mexican Wolf

The rains were cleansing anew forest green

Birds melodic feed on spring magic grain


We realize here today we are visitors

In world around their natural dense lairs


We might build and structure lives around them

We always know animals eye a gem


Stay far away amidst humanity

Instincts speak aloud, no frivolity.


We are but simple folk to imagine

We might belong as ours this land lived in


Sounds of forest scrapes in trail with bird calls

Above the range we hear nightly hoot owls


In nature’s world exists in every breath

A spoken rule to be on task or death


Might step in, a bird of prey, or snarl

Deep within the wood we hear the growl


I have human instinct to seek early shelter

Let the lands around me quiet enter


We will trust those colleague with minds nearby

While in the wood lessons, important simple cry

Listen to the Wind


Howling like scorned wolves buried in the dead

of a winter’s night, cold arctic hallowing calls.

Feeding upon nature’s gifts, abundant only while

eyes allow our hearts to understand our worth

swept apart by God’s mighty hand of decision

we beckon to the call of our own shallow vanity.


Listen to the wind share melodic tones sweeping

through the pines and thistle bound forests

whose world remains quiet to our own needs,

only to become vibrant soon after we step away.

We hear chants as our toes and heels crush the ice

Of roadway freeze, wondering aloud our distant lives


if ever there were an opportunity to understand Her

natural hold on our lives, well beyond the conversation.