Getting Older in Autumn


pinterest – sunset

I read somewhere today about recognizing positive energy,

wonder came across my mind,

am I, can they, do anyone I know,

is there really a measure,

or are we all simply kidding ourselves.


I would glance around the room during times like these,

see all the different faces,

are they feeling the same,

maybe not now, or could we, is the

same solitude as impactful for her,

as it might be for the other guy

nearby wondering what lunch will be,

later on.


Is it really that simple for those that would rather complicate

the reality of our lives,

are we all, is it this, did you, I said it again,

I keep trying to stay out of this argument,

yet somehow I find I’m in the middle,

always trying with little effort,

or perhaps it is the other way around,

I might really exercise a certain bizarre discipline

toward accentuating

the negative nature of the human condition.


I do know there is a measure of truth

in the reality of a giving spirit,

I can see it on their faces,

the fresh affect, beautiful demeanor

of those whose smile is as real

as a wonderful sunset on a cool summer’s night.


That visual caused just a little bit of happiness … right?

Lifestyle I Swear

This is who I am

you see

out on display,

this is my world,

I only pretend to not see you.

Actually, I am afraid of you,

for fear,

there might be a time,

when suddenly you reveal

who I really am

to myself, to me, to everyone

that stands around me,

when I present this way.

My lifestyle,

my goal is to be somebody,

some person,

some individual

you might remember on another day,

once this moment with me,

disappears into that sea

that distanceĀ of whomever we are,

when we need to be,

just a lifestyle choice

on a hot summer day,

I swear.