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Once, Ago

I can’t help but think

what it is I write

is perceived differently

by you.

I’ve thought about

how someday

I’d like to convince you

what it is I write,

you ran away from

didn’t give me a chance.

Oh I’m not talking of decades,

only months

and in those quiet moments,

when our eyes only spoke to one another,

no need for words

we were well ahead of any dialogue.

I can only recall

how tired I was

after weeks of worry,

trying somehow to find the answers

to finally say,

what you wanted to believe.

Wonders of the Day

How do moments become real,

those that remain,

stay on the mind,

trigger our notions to react today.


When we wake in the morning

do we decide,

today we’ll slide

our lives into a deep cavernous fault


I remember being a child at young

and all my days

were spent with clays

modeling and forming imaginary futures


The sun burst through the morning sky

and I decided today

would be another day

to sit and wonder about what happened


Perhaps a little less emotion in my mind

with a callous edge

that non-caring soul

would help me live with myself again.


I wonder about the hours that lie ahead,

and will they remain,

just more of the same

or could this be the start of tomorrow


The wonders of the day are easily strung along

we just need to decide how far, and how long.